How to use the right keywords to boost your book sales

The proper use of the right keywords is very crucial in book writing. It's also very important to take into consideration how to make more sales on book production.
The right keywords helps to rank articles for more readability by the audience.
One of the biggest questions I hear from authors is “How can I earn more money?” This is closely followed by “How can I get more book sales?”
Obviously, the two are linked and if you want to make a full-time living as an author, you need to know how to market and sell books.
Let’s take a look at 10 different ways you can get more book sales and, hence, make more money, helping you become the full-time author you want to be.

1. Market Research
When it comes to getting book sales, some of the work needs to take place up front even before you write! If you do this part well, all the other ways of getting sales become much more effective.
Before you even start putting words down, you should do some market research on your topic, audience, and …

11 Tricks to write a better dialog!

11 Tricks to write a better dialog!

A well written dialogue can build a story and flesh out characters. You should know one of the few things that yanks a reader out of a story is a bad dialogue.

Women writing war literature?

New data shows that war novel writers face bias in book reviews.

War fiction by men usually centers on combat details and women's war adds a human dimension to the study of war and an appreciation for the trauma endured by women who have experienced war.

Have you read Of Blood and Bones?

I finally got to read Of blood and bones by Nora! If you haven't read it go buy yours.

11 hot books adapted into movies!

You are reading this blog because you love books right? Yeah! I love books, you love books. But what's not to love in movies? One of the best feeling I get is when I see my favourite book turned into a movie.

Here are 11 YA books being made into movies that you should totally read and watch the movies.

1. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

The Nigerian Filming Production Genres

A Typical Filming Scene
The Nigerian film industry surnamed Nollywood is undoubtedly the most important and most popular film industry in Africa. It is the world’s third largest producer of films, howbeit video films. The industry is growing and fast building structures that would enable it sustain itself but in spite of all of its development, it is disheartening to know that there are no clear cut genres of the Nigerian film.

Nigerian films are produced along the line of the major tribal and cultural dichotomy – Hausa, Ibo and Yoruba, and the broad languages spoken in the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-dialect nation. There are English films, Yoruba films, Igbo films and Hausa films with successful plots or movies having French version. Also films are produced in Ijaw (Izon) and Efik languages by some filmmakers but this is not very common as of now.

Films are done in these predominant languages because most people speak either of the languages and all the ethnic groups and …